Thermal Processing

Thermal ProcessingThermal Processing refers to the direct and/or indirect application of heat to change the characteristics of grain or flour. Typically this can be a drying action or through steam addition.

High Ratio Cake Flour

We have established a strong reputation for our high-ratio cake flour brands "Solar" and "Stellar". High-ratio cake flour is used to make cakes where recipes require sugar content greater than the flour content.

We produce a range of Heat treated flours for the traditional high ratio Madeira cake right through to high protein cake flour for fruited cakes.

During heat treatment, physical changes to the surface of the starch in the flour render it hydrophobic. Any water in the recipe is then available to develop the gluten structure which is required to form a stable crumb structure.

Thermal ProcessingSteam Treated Flour

Steam Treated Flours are used in batters and coatings or as thickeners.

The process uses direct steam injection and indirect heat to modify the flour. Resulting in denatured gluten and inactivated enzymes, especially alpha amylase. Steam treated flours provide the following benefits:

  • No lumps will form when added to water
  • Sauces will not thin down
  • Hot and cold paste viscosities can be controlled and stabilised
  • Binds well with fat and meat
  • Reduced microbiological loading
  • Clean Label

Dried Functional Flour

Heat Treated Functional Flours are used for dry bread and catering mixes.

The process protects the gluten from damage by quick drying in hot air. The resultant flour is of low moisture suitable for the dry mix application and still has the functionality to make baked products.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of our Thermal Processed Flours.

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