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Wheat flour is a primary ingredient in most bread, pastry and cake products. Wheat quality plays a pivotal role in product performance and we use a number of different varieties depending on your application. more »


Milled maize is used in extruded snacks and for batters and coatings. The application is determined by granularity from coarse grits to polenta and fine flour. All our maize is imported from non-GMO varieties from partner co-operatives in France. more »


Milled rice is used as an ingredient in extruded snacks and industrial batters. The application is determined by granularity from rice cones to fine flour. more »

Food Service and WholesaleFood Service & Wholesale

We have developed a range of products suitable for direct supply to Food Service and Wholesale customers. A selection of wheat flour and maize products are available in our most popular pack sizes. more »

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