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Wheat flour is a primary ingredient in most bread, pastry and cake products. Wheat quality plays a pivotal role in product performance and we use a number of different varieties depending on your application.

The majority of our wheat is sourced from UK farms. We only purchase from merchants who are accredited under the TASCC scheme. This is operated by the AIC and provides a level of assurance that the grain meets food safety requirements. It is essential that we have full traceability of all our grain back to the original source for quality assurance purposes.

UK Wheat varieties are classified into groups by NABIM to give their relative value to millers. They are classified in Groups 1 to 4, where 1 gives the most consistent milling and baking performance and 4 are mainly grown for animal feed.

nabimNABIM is the representative organisation for the UK flour milling industry.

We also use imported wheat from Canada, France and Germany for its high quality and protein content. These wheat varieties are an essential ingredient for premium bread products or where provenance is important, such as French flour for baguettes. The price of imported wheat is usually at a significant premium to UK wheat varieties.

Growing Contracts are beneficial where a customer wants to secure a specific variety of wheat that may not be otherwise grown to the volumes they require, or where a unique agronomic protocol is required. We can contract with a farmer to grow specific varieties of wheat and agree an agronomic regime. We also mill wheat for customers who manage their own growing contracts where this is preferred. Contract Growing is of particular importance when managing product provenance, where a customer requires a "farm to fork" approach, and we are happy to discuss any unique requirements that you may have.

The applications for wheat flour have been categorised above with a brief overview of the typical characteristics of each. Use the links above to view more information and download the relevant datasheets:

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