Milling Technology

Thermal ProcessingBran Peeling

The Worksop wheat milling process incorporates Buhler Bran Peeling technology. Bran Peeling is a mechanical process by which the outer layers of the wheat grain are removed prior to the milling process.

Baking Benefits of Bran Peeling

Bran Peeling is primarily aimed at customers producing premium quality bread. Bran peeling enables an improvement in bread baking performance, specifically; baking volume, crumb structure, colour and improved gluten functionality.

Removing the outer bran layer increases the Hagberg Falling Number, which is a measure of amylase enzyme activity in the grain. Reduced alpha-amylase activity can be beneficial to the baking process. An improvement in flour colour is achieved through purer semolina being released onto the mill, reducing the bran content and creating a brighter flour.

Other potential benefits

The scouring process de-contaminates the wheat prior to the milling process which will remove bacteria, heavy metals and pesticide residues in the outer bran layers. This may also help to reduce mycotoxin levels, for example DON, which can be a problem in wet years.

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