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A customer was experiencing problems manufacturing pastry, resulting in poor volume and eating qualities. A large proportion of the finished product was being scrapped because it failed quality standards.

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We are all aware of the pressure on the food industry to reduce salt and sodium content in processed foods. Focus has been around taste and processing issues in several categories including bakery. One area that may have been overlooked is baked products that use raising agents instead of yeast to produce lift.

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A bakery customer had recently recruited new Process Managers who were not familiar with the product and so they requested help with training. On discussing their requirements it was agreed that their Bakery Operatives would also benefit. The difficulty was releasing staff from production to attend the training course.

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On a routine visit to a customer who makes a range of snacks from maize and rice ingredients, our Technologist noticed a trial taking place. Several operatives were frantically pulling off scrap material and smoke was coming out of the continuous oven. The Technical Manager invited her to take a look.

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A bakery manufacturer had been challenged by their retail outlet to extend softness over the shelf life of their product. Their current suppliers were unable to help solve the problem.

Download Case Study Value Engineering as a Problem Solving Tool »
A pork pie manufacturer who use hot paste methods to produce traditional pies called Smiths to ask for help in reducing raw material costs. The flour being used was already very strong, specifying 13% protein. In addition the recipe called for further 1% gluten to be added. Trials with lower protein flour had been a disaster.

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