Bespoke Flour Solutions

Bespoke Flour SolutionsWe have a proven track record of helping customers to develop new products and improving existing products. Our milling technology and expertise allow us to formulate bespoke products to your specification and our dedicated Customer Solutions team are available to assist you throughout your development programme; from selecting the best flour for your products through to processing trials and product launch.

We have a wide range of wheat, maize and rice ingredients available for any application and we can supply samples in bagged or bulk format for product trials.

If a new variety of wheat is being assessed or a small scale trial is required, then we have a Buhler Test Mill that is capable of milling between 5-10kg at a time. The Test Bakery facility is an ideal environment for making finished products and to simulate conditions for testing flour performance. We have an array of Laboratory and Analytical equipment to analyse the bakery results with the capability to produce statistical data.

Flour Blending

The Flour Blending system enables us to supply flour on-demand by blending base flours together to create the finished flour to your specification. Blending is an accurate process involving the actual weighing of components using calibrated feeders and the addition of macro ingredients such as gluten and micro ingredients such as enzymes.

We hold a stock of base flours in dedicated silos that are milled to specification to ensure consistency in the finished product blend. This allows us to manage our process "just-in-time"; by increasing our flexibility and enabling us to supply customers at short notice.

The mill is able to process individual wheat varieties to the optimum milling characteristics for the type and season. The cleaning and conditioning processes are configured for each variety and consistency is enhanced by having long runs of base flours with few changeovers.

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