Smith’s Bakery

Welcome to this Bakery blog, where every baking lover is welcomed to get tips, inspirations, and information on what’s new among the baking community. We’ll offer you innovative ideas on how to bake healthy bread, and how baking healthy snacks may become your favorite thing to do in your free time.

Twenty years ago, the Smiths family opened the doors to this bakery shop for the first time, starting with some basic bakeries, to becoming the best local bakery today. They started selling bread in carts, in a very characteristic and innovative format, because they care about the image they project, but above all, they are committed to delivering a good quality of products. This bakery blog is proof that you will always succeed if you do what you love.

The bakery is known for its bread, baked in the wood-fired oven, sweet bread at Christmas and New Year,’ which amass the Smiths, and the famous quince cupcakes, a treat for them more. Their system is home delivery. Neighbors are coming out with the cloth bags and the old store notebooks, where they write down the purchase until at the end of the month they settled the bill. Meanwhile, people who need special recipes of baking healthy snacks such as whole grain bread, wholegrain pita bread with seeds, gluten-free bread, gluten-free bread, Tuscan bread or Greek bread, among others, can place their orders through our Bakery blog.

Baking Tips for Beginners

This is what the Smiths family, masters of baking, tell about the secret of making good bread. There are two fundamentals: good ingredients and patience. Because to make good bread you need your time. That is, the longer the dough is fermented, the greater the aromas that will develop in it. If we also add the sourdough, we will have gathered all the necessary elements for the elaboration of good bread.

Normally we don’t have time or we don’t know where to start doing it, but in these days when we have so much free time and want to take advantage of doing what we like, baking your own bread can be something therapeutic and delicious that can help you disconnect from the world that is out there and reconnect with the one you have inside the house.

As usual at the beginning. Making bread can be very difficult or very easy, it depends on the motivation. So let’s not come up upstairs. Let’s start looking through these baking tips for beginners very slowly. From now on, we make it clear that you do not need to have a baker at home and that there is the bread that is made even without an oven, so quiet or quiet if you do not have specific tools that you thought were essential to make bread.

When we talk about basic ingredients to make bread, we mean flour first. It’s a must. Although wheat is the most common, there are many different varieties of flours that we can use to make bread. Secondly, you need to know that flour needs liquid and hydration. So water or liquids such as milk, yogurt, beer, wine, juices, fruits, butter, or eggs should help you in your bread making. Thirdly we cannot forget about salt, another basic ingredient for the creation of bread not only because of the taste but because it improves the bark of it and helps in its preservation. Once you improve the basics, this bakery blog is here to help make a step further to start adding other healthy baking substitutes. For any information you may need, do not hesitate to contact, we are happy to answer all your questions.